Club Competitions


1.  Club competitions and trophies:

  • The CASE CUP and the ULLA KELLY CUP shall be played on HANDICAP but not the TOMMY OXTON DOUBLES. 
  • The MAUREEN ALLENBY TROPHIES, winners and runners-up, be played as a Fandango. 
  • The IVY BEDDOW CUP goes to the top aggregate of the “A” team, the DARWICK SALVER to the top aggregate of the ”B” team and the CROSTHWAITE CUP to the top aggregate of the “C” team. 
  • The ORME TROPHY on merit 15 up. 
  • The ASHTON TROPHY shall be played on HANDICAP by “B” and “C” Team members only, 21 up.

2.  Each playing member shall carry a personal handicap which will be decided by the Committee and reviewed each year.  Handicaps will be limited to minus 5.

3.  The dates of the competitions are to be set as early as possible.  Scratching time for Finals of the Club Competitions shall be 2:00 p.m.

4.  There to be no more than 5 jacks on the green whilst members are taking part in early rounds of competitions.  Standard Jacks must be played in all Club competitions.